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Buy your ticket

Sellers place the information on the availability of tickets to their page and set the selling price which they consider to be reasonable.
Not all the tickets have the same value, because each seller can establish its desired price, which is not always the same as the amount at which you’ve purchased your ticket.

Thus, on MyWayTicket you can find the tickets at a price that may be higher or lower than their original cost at the box office.

Seller will not receive the payment for the ticket until the buyer hasn’t attended the event.
Thus, we ensure that the ticket is original and it corresponds to the location chosen by the buyer.
In addition, all the sellers provide with the information related to their credit card as a compromise and ensure safe transaction.

Here are some pieces of advice:

Sellers are responsible for specifying the details for the tickets, namely, related to their exact location.
We recommend the following: in case when different types of tickets exist, it’s necessary to select those ones that provide the maximum information, in a particular, related to the sector and the line.
Thus, you can check on the map which of them would match your preferences best.

Sell your ticket

Payment is provided by the seller automatically after the days stipulated from the date of the event have passed.
In case of any problem related to the payment by the buyer, we apply MyWayTicket service to monitor and assume all the losses, thus protecting the seller from any inconvenience.

Secure Delivery

After having confirmed the purchase, we will notify how the tickets should be sent to the address specified by the buyer. We guarantee that all the tickets available for sale on our website will be delivered in time for the event.
When buying the tickets at the last minute, the tickets are delivered to the locations near the fence or the stadium in order to avoid any unexpected situations and guarantee their delivery directly into the buyer’s hands.

If you are a buyer and you want to get your tickets as soon as possible, choose those advertisements with such specified service as “immediate delivery”.
If you are visiting the event abroad, then you should consider the amount of delivery expenses, make an application for delivery of the tickets to your destination, such as hotel or an apartment.

Ticket guarantee and customer service

This is an additional guarantee that we offer when purchasing in case if the event has been canceled, but it is not obligatory.

MyWayTicket offers compensation (excluded the service fee) or other tickets for the other official dates.
The general Guarantee is free; it’s a way of protecting the buyer and the seller by means of our service and provides the correct exchange.

Yes, it is. We are a team of professionals who are engaged at the local offices and deal with the personalized customer service which is characteristic of the market in each country where we operate.
Thus, we can always serve the users in their native language by providing them with the accurate information about the process of buying or selling. You can contact us by e-mailing at: or via Skype.

MyWayTicket is a huge community of buyers and sellers all around the world. Thanks to their assistance, you will find a wide range of tickets for the events which are no longer possible to buy in traditional way. Our mission is to ensure the safety of the transaction so that both buyers and sellers were able to exchange in a satisfactory way. Being the intermediaries, we will do our best to ensure the successful result.
Besides, using the services of the global community service, you can buy the tickets for the events all over the world, using your language and currency in a convenient way.