Affiliate Program

Do you also want to sell our tickets to your customers - users? Earn using online traffic by promoting the site MyWayTicket.
MyWayTicket pays for the result achieved; in fact, it provides the so-called “Pay Per Performance”. The more publications of our offer for the users you make, the more opportunities you have to earn.

Football, Concerts, Shows? You can select a campaign / offer for selling the tickets to be published, as well you’re free to decide where to post it, using a banner or a text link (there are various formats available for each partner).

In order to join the affiliate program on MyWayticket, look for us as ADVERTISER in ZANOX or send an e-mail to our customer service at: we will contact you asap!

Through Zanox:

Other opportunities for collaboration

If your Company is interested in the development of other partnership options with MWT, send us an e-mail to: