About us

MyWayTicket is a virtual marker for exchanging the tickets for the concerts, sports events and theatre performances between the fans who have been logged-in on the website www.mywayticket.it.


Our target is simple: to offer the users the platform and secure service in order to have the opportunity to buy tickets for music, sports and shows, as well as to provide an easy way to sell them when they cannot participate in them. It’s a real and open marketplace designed to ensure complete safety for everyone.


MyWayTicket ensures the safety for every transaction, provides its own service in monitoring all the phases of sales and Customer Service for its users.

For buyers:

Buyers are sure to receive timely and valid tickets for a certain event. In case of any trouble appearing, MyWayTicket may interfere into the procedure in order to provide the tickets’ substitution or reimbursement in case if the substitution of the tickets is not possible.

For sellers:

Sellers are guaranteed to get paid for the tickets sold and for their delivery in time.
MyWayTicket allows you to pay by a money transfer or via «PayPal» to the seller within 15 working days from the date of the event, with the exception of the eventual claims by part of the buyer.


The safety is a fundamental principle for MyWayTicket - all the transactions are safe. We apply the encryption system «SSL» to protect the personal information and the data related to the transaction.

Company Information

mywayticket.it - a site owned by the Company
My Way Ticket SA
Legal address: Via Cantonale 24a, 6556 Leggia (GR) CH
eMail: info@mywayticket.it
VAT Number: Che-422.139.364